The objective of the Trust is particularly to provide help in
the following areas;


The objective of the Trust is particularly to provide help in The Trustees like to see some evidence of 'Self Help', i.e. fund-raising by the charity such as car boot sales, competitions within the community, sponsored events etc.

The Trustees may offer a grant on condition that the charity also raises a matching amount through its own efforts, i.e. not from other trusts or statutory bodies.

Applications must be for projects in Merseyside and Wirral and priority is given to projects benefitting the greatest number of residents in that area.

Applicants are requested to complete an Evaluation Form to be returned to the Administrator either when the project is finished or not more than 6 months after the payment of the grant.

Applicants should ideally be a registered charity or applying to become one.

The following would not normally be considered for a grant;

  • Applicants from outside area
  • Any form of sponsorship
  • Individuals
  • Religious bodies
  • Places of worship unless there is significant community use apart from worship
  • Political organisations
  • Pressure groups
  • Feasibility studies
  • Schools seeking specialist status
  • Any form of memorial

Return applicants less than 2 years after a successful application

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